Why Avnet Integrated Solutions

Smarter Team, Smarter Design

Quality custom equipment built to your standards

Avnet Embedded takes the guesswork out of product development. We offer a wide range of product lifecycle services for purpose built appliances to help lower manufacturing costs, shorten go-to-market time and reduce support burden. As a design-through-support contract manufacturer with unique services, Avnet Embedded ensures the highest quality of customized equipment built to the customer's standards.

Here are a few of our product lifecycle offerings

Design & Consultation
Our technology experts work hands-on with your team to help you select the best-fit components from our extensive product portfolio. We save you time and development costs, by offering you customizable products from our platforms.

Custom Branding
Make some of the industry's most reputable products your own, with custom branding options that include: custom bezels, custom painted chassis, packaging and product manuals.

Integrate & Configure
Each of Avnet's ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing sites offer seamless integration; with warranties and service contracts kept intact. We offer the option of having your products custom built and shipped directly to your customer; or, we can pre-manufacture and kit your components and ship them to finishing sites. 
>>   "Avnet's Integration Services" (pdf)
>>  "Avnet's Services at a Glance" (pdf)

Suppliers & Support
Avnet’s experts provide worldwide service and support wherever you do business. Partners have a choice of suppliers stateside and globally, depending on their preferred hardware.